Voltius Beldrac IV
"It is time for your demise"- Voltius
Head of Evil Lanterns
Black Lantern
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Aliveish, 32
Powers Those of superman, those of the black lantern
Other statistics
Eye Color One white, one red, an effect of him sharing two people in his body
Hair Color Gray
Group Black Lanterns
Location Changes



Born to a long line of senators and governors, Voltius Beldrac IV became a senator himself. He was a well liked man, and lived in a small cabin near a lake with his parents Voltius III and Marrissa, and later his wife Mary. Voltius loved Mary very much, as they got married three months after they met. Soon they even had a child. But everything changed after the fire. The house was ablaze and Mary was caught in it. Voltius' parents had died of old age, and now it was Marys turn. Voltius and his daughter escaped, but it was two late for her. In worry, Voltius went to an odd government science agency to see if they could heal Mary. They demanded $1,000,000, and he gladly payed. Little did he know these scientists where not with the government. They gave his daughter a horrible serum, and told Voltius he would have to accept the same serum or they would kill his daughter. He couldn't lose another one he loved, so he accepted the serum. It changed him, gave him the powers of superman, but most of all, he was turned dark. They named him Kryptonite and unleashed him on the world.

Alaska's SerumEdit

When Voltius discovered an ancient journal written by himself warning him to not give into the experiments that changed him into Kryptonite, Alaska came to help. He was given the chance to turn good again, through a serum Alaska could inject into him. Voltius agreed, and would have became fully good had he not discovered the black power ring. He gained a major multi-personality disorder, where good was dominant and would soon take over.

Black LanternEdit

It was a dark, cold night, a few days after Alaska's Serum had been injected into Voltius, and the evil was still flowing through him, when a black power ring dropped from the sky infront of him. Voltius tried to fight off his evil self, but it was too much, and he took the power ring. This transformed him into a being of pure evil, the black lantern. Now this body, this host, whether you want to call it Senator Beldrac, Kryptonite, or the Black Lantern was truly holding two people inside of it, one of good and hope, and one of anger and pure evil.