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Violet -member of Young Justice
-Plant Lover

 – July 4, 2012

Violet Isley
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Plant Lover
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive; 15
Powers See powers
Other statistics
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Group The Ending Laugh (formally), Young Justice
Location Mount Justice

History Edit

Long before Violet was born, her mother, Pamela Isley, became a villianess called Poison Ivy. She fought batman in many battles, but eventually settled down with, none other than, Mr. Freeze. It was a shock for everyone. They soon had a son called Iris, who had her father's powers (after some experiements). When Iris was 7, Violet was born, and had her mother's powers. She, too, loved plants and gardening. Her sister immediately resulted to villiany, and Violet wanted to follow in her footsteps, looking at her older sister as a motherly figure since her mom wasn't around alot. She was trained at a young age by the side of her sister, and they soon learned to rob banks and steal from people with there powers. Iris was much more evil, and one day she even left Violet, now 10, to be arrested. Violet took the blame for her and her sister willingly, even though her sister had treated her badly. She was put into jail and remained there for seven months. Eventually, the joker's son, Jester, and his partner Sapphire were breaking their henchmen out when they spotted Violet. They agreed to take her under their wing, as an apprentice of evil. Violet was now heavily influenced by Sapphire, her new motherly figure. She was manipulated by her and Jester, still oblivious of what she was doing was wrong. She worked with them loyaly for five years. During one of her solo missions, she met Maxwell West of the Young Justice. He told her what she was doing was wrong, and she snapped, not knowing until now. All her life she had been taught this was good and the right thing to do. Violet abandoned the Ending Laugh and is now currently in Young Justice as a hero.


Plants Manipulation - can create various vines, communicate and control every plant. Can create plant forcefields. Like her mother, if she kisses anyone they will die from her venom lips.


Violet looks just like her mother except she has normal skin. She has long curly red hair and emerald eyes. She always wears her green plant suit, which is all black with leaves caked on it.


Violet has been taught and manipulated her whole life, which leaded her to being a villian. She is really good at heart but it was shadowed by her sister and Sapphire. She cares deeply for the inviorment (is a vegeterian, loves gardening, is eco-friendly, etc.), but doesn't like hurting people and stealing. She respects people and is now currnetly a hero.

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