Viktor Knight
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive; 17
Powers Telepathy, Telekinesis
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Group Young Justice
Location Mount Justice

Viktor -member of Young Justice

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Viktor learned he had telepathic powers at a young age; 8 years old. As he grew up, his powers, without his intentions, slowly began to grow also, until they were almost unbearable. However, he was able to hide them from his parents, his friends, even his own brother. Until, however, he turned 13, when his powers almost exploded--literally. The only thing he could think of doing, without hurting his parents, was to run away. He didn't want to hurt anybody, and he knew that if he stayed, he would. So one night, he took off.

Viktor had heard about a group of superheroes who called themselves Young Justice. He thought he'd look them up, so he headed off for Happy Harbor. With the few dollars he had from his former home, he took a bus to Happy Harbor. He stepped off the bus, and almost instantly he bumped into Denzel Richiott, a member of Young Justice. Viktor could sense Denzel was a super, so he, quite abruptly, asked if Denzel was in Young Justice. Denzel grabbed Viktor and took him behind a building, asking, quite angrily, how he heard about the Team. Viktor explained everything, and Denzel realized the only thing he could do was take Viktor to the leader of the team, Maxwell Crock.

Without even thinking twice, after hearing Viktor's story, Max let Viktor into the Team. Viktor has since been training his abilities, and has become quite acquainted with the rest of the team. He currently resides at Mount Justice.


Viktor is always nice cool and calm. He very rarely gets anxious or nervous. He often likes to watch TV or video games, or simply stay to himself and train his powers. He spends some of his time in the gym. He loves interacting with other people. He goes to Happy Harbor High School, although he's not active in any sports/extra-curricular activities.


Brown hair, blue eyes, loves to wear his hat and a simple t-shirt.


  • Telepathy-- Viktor has the ability to read people's minds at will, and he has the power to create psychic walls, but his power is very limited.
  • Telekinesis -- Viktor has limited power that allows him to move certain objects with his mind. This power is yet to be fully developed, so he has much to learn.