If you are going to make a superhero with an already made adult (Nightwing, Batman, Superman, ect) because they may already be in use. Here is a list. Add as needed.

Nightwing (Tim Drake)Edit

Denzel Richiott (Protege)

Batman (Richard Grayson) - Zatanna Zatara GraysonEdit

Zen Grayson (Daughter)

Tim Crane (Protege/adopted son)

Aquaman (Kaldur'ahm)Edit

James Wolfe (Son) (User would allow a sibling, talk to Mtn Dew Stud)

Tigress (Artemis Crock)Edit

Max Crock (Son) (User would allow a 13-14 year old sibling, talk to Mtn Dew Stud)

Captain Marvel (Billy Batson)Edit

Kodi Reed (Protege)