Orc Raid by PatLeeArt


He was made by a crazed Cadmus scientist that loved Orcs. He was raised like an animal, he was kicked, beaten, but he was also taught to fight back. He was put against the toughest Cadmus had to offer. For years he was used for sport and enjoyment. When he was 18 in human years he finally did it. He could beat all they threw at him. Over the years he became a member and rose throught he ranks quickly. He is now the Head of Defense of Cadmus.


He is a natural born leader of people, showing how he could rise through the ranks to become high ranking strategist. He would sooner give his life then see his allies fall in battle. He is more combative then the usual person, which leads him into seeking to personally end the corruption of Cadmus by force. While unsure of paid allies, he remains calm and collected and keep his contempt for their new allies to himself, but He makes them respect their leaders too much to speak out.


He is green.


He has an incredible strength.