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Superman's Protege
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Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive; 24
Powers Super strength, flight, heat vision, etc.
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue (dark brown when evil)
Hair Color Black
Group Justice League
Location -


Thea is from dimmension L224, where her homeplanet, Kypton, is all but extinct. Superman and all of the justice league are simply myths in her timeline. Thea grew up dreaming to oneday become as great as superman. She trained from the day she could use her powers, learning on her own and staying in an isolated planet by herself. WHne she was 13 years old she left her home only filled with monster ot fight, and sought out earth, now inhabited by blue-skinned humans. Even though Thea made great friends with these people, and fought against them like the legendary superman would, she sitll longed to see if the justice league really existed. She was, afterall, the only person with powers in the entire universe. A wormhole opened up one day and Thea discovered an old fragile woman, who had powers as well. The woman tricked into believing that she could give her the power to go to the dimmension of superheroes. Thea agreed in exchange for a lock of her hair. However, hte woman revealed to be an evil so great, it was simply called the dark one. It was too late to flee now. She was transformed into an evil villain and nearly destroyed the earth! There were no superheroes to stop them....until superman and the rest of the justice league heard their inter-dimmension cry for help. They stopped the dark one, who got away, and managed to keep Thea under control. However, the demon inside of Thea still partly possesses her and she incable of being %100 a hero. After many yearsi n training Thea has gotten better control over her badside, that now acts more like a devil conscience on her shoulder. It was proven that Thea's good nature and humbleness overtook her bad side, that comes out everyonce in a while when she looses her goodside. Thea is currently second in command of the Justice League 

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Evil Thea

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