Taryn Torrez -member of Young Justice
-the Martian Beauty

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T'arann T'orzz
Hello, my name is Taryn, and I'm a martian~ Taryn
the Martian Beauty
Miss Martian III
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive; 15
Powers See Powers
Other statistics
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Red
Group Young Justice
Location Mt. Justice


T'arann, or Taryn, is the niece of the M'gann M'orzz (aka the Martianette Manhunter). Although M'gann is a White Martian, Taryn is actually green Martian. She was deeply afraid to show her form with green skin at first, but realized everyone got used to the martians and skin color so she remained green.

Her aunt, put her into Young Justice to practice and harness her abilities. Taryn already excelled her abilities, and supressed her aunt. She gained the name Miss Martian. She also started highschool and is the captain of the cheerleading team of Happy Harbor.

Physical ApperanceEdit

When she's being a hero, Taryn dons a long-sleeved black suit with the same red X, black shoes, and her blue cape. When attending high school, she keeps her casual clothes on and merely changes her skin color to that of a Caucasian girl (her eyes, hair and freckles remain unchanged).


When she first came to Earth, Miss Martian was a bubbly, exceptionally sweet, polite, and caring, although occasionally shy, "young" Martian girl, who longed to fit in on Earth and be a member of the Team. However, being from Mars and having never really interacted with humans before, she was frequently unfamiliar with Earth customs. She felt especially uncomfortable with her telepathy, as on Mars, it is the prime form of communication. She was also quite inexperienced, and eager to please.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shapeshifting: She can change her form completely to alter her physical appearance, clothing and even mimic other people. And unlike her aunt, she doesn't find male forms difficult. She is not restricted to humanoid forms and has grown several extra arms as needed.  She can also take the form of underwater creatures, aliens, and once she displayed being a Tamaran(Starfire's Species).

Invisiblity: She can become invisible to the naked eye.

Superhuman Strength: Like all Martians, Miss Martian has strength above that of a human. It is not, however, on the same level as mainstream martians.

Density Shifting: Miss Martian is able to shift her density, and is able to phase through objects or become incredibly dense and difficult to damage.

: Telepathy comes natural to Martians, and although she had trouble with it at first, she has come to terms with it on Earth. She often uses a telepathic link with her teammates, which makes communications easier and untraceable Taryn can also telepathically connect with her Bio-Ship. After a botched telepathic training simulation, M'gann revealed that in terms of raw power, her telepathy is on a level beyond any he has encountered, including herself. Telekinesis: Taryn has used telekinesis to manipulate many objects with her mind. However, she can lose control
when moving too many objects at once or not paying enough attention.

Flight: By using her telekinesis, Taryn can simulate flight.

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