Lt. of the Injustice League

(This Character Belongs to Great Expectations)



Before her brain washing: Emma was descirbed as being: bubbly, sweet, and always caring about other before herself. She has this way of brightening up the room when everyone is sad. She loves playing with her older brother and skating on his ice skating rinks. She loves to laugh and smile and have a good time just dancing around her room.

After her brain washing: Sinch became cold-hearted, not caring about anyone but Voltius and Ashling. She doesn't know anything from her past, and doesn't know she has parents or a brother. She prefers staring at a blank wall most of the time or being silent in utter darkness. She feels heartless most of the time, and her only hobbies include fighting, talking to Ashling (formally) and training. She considers herself a 'failed project'.

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born November 13, 1994
Family Voltius Beldrac IV (protector and master) Jennifer (mother; doesn't know she has a mother) Jason (father), Agent Alaska (brother; doesn't know she has a brother)
Status Alive; 17
Eye Colour Brown (formally) Glowing Teal
Hair Colour Blonde (formally), Red porcupine spikes
Height 5'8
Affiliation Injustice League
Weapons Her powers
Home Injustice League HQ
Missions ---



Emma grew up a normal life, but was a prime target for the Injustice League. They wanted to brain wash people, but when they saw her talents of teleporting, they wanted to 'enhance' her. Voltius kidnapped and experimented on her when she was nine, trying to 'upgrade' her powers to the next level, so she could teleport to different worlds. It miserably failed after he accidentally poured some porcupine DNA on her It rapidly changed her appearance in the process. Emma's memory was wiped for unknown causes, but she does not know she has a superhero brother or parents, she only remembers being taken care of by Voltius. Instead of Emma, he named her Sinch. She became great friend with Ashling, but after she left, Voltius made her second in command. She is currently living in the Injustice League HQ.



Ava anime girlEpicporcupine

Before her tranformation: Emma had long golden blonde hair (usually in a ponytail) and brown eyes. She likes to wear bright colors and experiment with different jewerly. She loves wearing bracklets, the more the better! She usually wears short shorts or light blue jeans and dresses casually all the time.

After her transformation: Her eyes changed from brown to a glowing teal and her skin grew dark red. All of her hair fell out, and porcupine needles grew there instead, acting as a spiky haircut. Her fingers grew long and point, much like a porcupine needle. Her nails grew deadly, like sharp pointy knives. She became very thin as well. She wears a black leather suit all the time to be camoflagued.



Likes- Her family (before the memory wiping), The Injustice League, Fighting, Chaos, hanging out with Ashling, serving Voltius.

Dislikes- The Justice League, Young Justice, Superheroes, Peace, etc.



Teleportation - Sinch has the ability to teleport to places within very far distances (ex. countries and continents)

Sharp Claws - Her fingernails grew very long and pointy due to her transformation, and they are considered very deadly like knives.



Name Relation Feelings


Protector and Master Obeys him no matter what. Would lay down her life to protect him. Considers him her 'father' and 'only family'. (due to brain washing.


Mother loves her (before brainwashing) doesn't know she exists


Father loves him (before brainwashing), doesn't know he exists

Agent Alaska.

Brother Best friend (before brain washing), currently doesn't know he exists


Good Friend misses her and wishes she would come back to the Injustice League

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