Silver Maylandouer
"I may be from another galaxy, but my heart remains in the earth's moon" -Silver
Moon Guardian of Earth
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive; 17
Powers look at powers (too lazy to write it all)
Other statistics
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Baby Blue
Group Young Justice
Location Mount Justice

History Edit

Silver Mayladouer was born on the purple moon of Rye, a peaceful planet that is five hundred lightyears away from planet earth. Everyone on the planet Rye has a different moons powers. At age 7, Silver developed her powers, she could harness the moon of earth. Everyone knew she would eventually have to go to that moon, to train and help her powers grow. She lived with her parents until she was 14, then moved to the moon. Little did she know, as she was living on the earth's moon, an enemy of the people of Rye was exiled there. He shocked her one day with his powers, and she grew a new power. Her skin could turn hard as rock, and was the color of sand. Only her eyes and lips were vulnerable, and they were the only colorful thing when she was in that state. In her escape, she came to earth, found the Young Justice group, and decided to stay because she liked it so much.


Earth's moon powers - she can create 'star balls' and blast them, she has the ability to control the moon and bend it different shapes and sizes. Her powers are naturally stronger at night, especially when there's a full moon.

Rock skin - she can morph her skin (everything except her eyes and mouth) , and it is so hard, nothing can penetrate it except for metal.








She is an alien.

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