Shaun Cain
" In cruelest winter, in fondest spring

we shall watch fates ever twisting strings ,we shall search for the good in all things ,and for the greatness that it brings ,by my keen eye, our honor sings!" -The Brown Lantern Oath

Last of the Brown Lanterns
Man of Honor and Mystery
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive, 19
Powers Animal Control, Animal Telepathy, Lantern Powers,Minor Teleportation
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Group Brown Lanterns
Location Mobile


Shaun Cain was born on November 5th, 1993 in Regina, Saskatchewan to an archeologist and a history professor. His early life was quite normal, he went to school and threw wild parties due to his parents often being gone on archeological digs. When he was fifteen however, Shaun's parents came home with a mysterious brown box with a small ring inside, a ring that no one had been able to actually place on their finger, a mysterious force compelling it away from them. Shaun wanted to give it a try, and as his parents were under the assumption that no one could wear it thought that it could do no harm to let him have at it. Strangely enough however, Shaun was able to slide it on with no struggle, and suddenly a strange voice began speaking in his head, asking him to take the oath of honor. Shaun agreed, and suddenly a brown light came over him, his clothes changing and mysterious abilities coming along with the light. He was suddenly thrust upwards into space where the confused young boy learned from the Elders of the universe that he was the last of the oldest gaurdians of the universe, a group based on honor and mystery. They were called the Brown Lantern Corps, and by accepting the ring Shaun had also accepted the responsability of restoring the nearly extinct organization. And thus, Shaun became the Brown Lantern and set off on his journey to build up the fallen people. He is currently 19 and is still searching for new recruits.


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