Scarlette Vanholf
Queen Bee
Scarlette Vanholf
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Queen Bee
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Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive;19
Powers Telepathy
Other statistics
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Red/Orange
Group H.I.V.E.
Location H.I.V.E. HQ
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Scarlette -member of H.I.V.E.
-Queen Bee

 – February 17, 2013

*she narrows her eyes* Yes?
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Scarlette Vanholf was born into a very wealthy family and was treated like royalty in Russia. At the early age, she was taught the ruthless art of killing and being a villian. She joined the family crime business at age 9 and became a skilled assassign by the time she was 13. However, her entire family except her was wiped out by a rival clan, and she was forced into hiding. She fled onto a cargo ship and stayed there until she reached the shores of America. There, she scrounged on the streets. At the age of 15 she began seducing men and then killing them for their money the next day. She did that for quite some time until she got into prison. Locked away for the res ot fh her life, on hte night she was put in she was broken out by some elite soliders. The queen bee of H.I.V.E. found her and was i

mpressed with her skills to seduce men. She adopted her as her daughter and taught her everything she knew. The queen was not telepathic but Scarlette was and soon her powers grew. The queen trained her for many, many years on the lethal arts. When the queen bee was shot and killed. H.I.V.E. had a replacement queen bee, but she was also killed and no one could take her place. H.I.V.E. elected Scarlette at age 17 after massive amounts of training.

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Scarlette has a very small, slim figure but she can lift and pull her own weight. She is very fit and skilled in martial arts and karate. She has long curly orange/red hair that she sometimes straightens to be professional. She wears old-time clothes but also modern day clothing when needed (such as leather jackets and bandage dresses). She is very provacative and loves to flirt and flaunt her figure to provoke men. She wears a lot of makeup and is considered to be very beautiful. She is of Russian heritage.


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Cunning and coldhearted, Scarlette does just about anything to get her way. Just when she seems like she really likes you, she tricks you. She eggs men on and lead them into a death trap. She loves being manipulative and tricky. 

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Scarlette became Queen Bee of H.I.V.E. after the last one was tragically killed and her replacement was shot as well. She has been the Queen for about a year and a half and is going to be until she dies. As the Queen Bee, she is the head of all H.I.V.E. and sends orders to everyone. She competes with rival villian groups such as The Ending Laugh, but takes a particular liking in Jester. Today, she is discussing matters of the upcoming war between the villians and young justice. 

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