Sapphire -member of The Ending Laugh
-Miss Dazzle

 – April 12, 2012

"Yeah my boss is the crazy one over there in the straight jacket." - Sapphire to a hero
Miss Dazzle
Third in Command of The Ending Laugh
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive; 16
Powers see powers
Other statistics
Eye Color one eye Purple one eye Blue
Hair Color Platinum with a big Pink streak
Group The Ending Laugh
Location The Ending Laugh HQ


Not much is known about Sapphire, other than the fact that she got her powers at a very young age. She has known Jester for most of her life and served by him loyaly. She has known to live on the streets for a majority of her life and has always been a skilled pick-pocker.


Gem powers - Sapphire has the ability to find gems (any kind) from a very long radius no matter how deep. She can physically bring large gems up from the ground no matter the debt (which is how she got her money). She can use 'gem orbs' to blind and dazzle people for a long period of time. She can blast gems at people and sonic waves. She can give people a light burst and give them temporary blindness. She can turn her skin into all gems (any kind; mostly diamonds, moonstones for darkness, and emeralds for camoflague). She can change the color of her eyes too into any color depending her mood.


Sapphire is usually shown with short platinum hair with a thick pink streak. She sometimes changes her hair to a longer style with pink and magenta streaks. She usually wears colorful make-up but always has a sparkly outfit on with many gems. She likes wearing different colored necklaces and expressing herself through fashion. She can also change to make her skin one type of gem (any gem.)


Sapphire is very whimsical and sarcastic. She loves making jokes and causing chaos. She loves being a villian and is considered very tough.


Jester Boss, Best Friend, Partner in Crime Is forever loyal to. Will risk her life for. Has known for along time. Hangs out with alot.
Lord Falcon Friend? Calls him 'Bird brain'. Doesn't approve of this tactics.

Annoying Aquaintance

Doesn't like him at all.
  • Blonde Sapphire in dress
  • A gift to Jester
  • One of her favorite dresses

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