Robin Grayson
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Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive; 17
Powers Weapons master
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color {{{hair color}}}
Group Young Justice
Location Mount Justice


Robin -member of Young Justice
-Weapons Master

 – August 12

Hi there!


Robin Grayson, daughter of Nightwing and Zatanna, was born on Janurary 1, 2033. She grew up with sister Zen, and friend Atlantis. even at an early age, Robin was interested in her father's work. Nightwing sawan oportunity, and trained her to use multiple weapons. By age ten, she was already training her weapon arts against her sister's magic arts. The two sisters were close, but lost contact when Zen became part of Young Justice. Robin soon became friends with Margo, hanging out with her when she wasn't at, what Margo called, "work". Robin soon learned that Margo and Atlantis had become part of Young Justice. Zen found a connection, and let Robin into the Team.


Robin has become a weapons master by training with Nightwing, Zenna, and Atlantis. She has utilized the bow, energy guns, staff, swords, and daggers. She has amazing fighting skills, and can defeat any opponent.


Nightwing - Father

Zatanna - Mother

Zenna Grayson - Sister

Agent Atlantis - Best Friend

Margo - Best Friend


  • Zatanna, her mother
  • Nightwing, her father
  • Zen, her sister
  • Atlantis, her best friend
  • Her new home

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