Princess Samantha Harper
Hi I'm Sam~ Sam Harper
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive;11
Powers Psychosomatic Illusions
Other statistics
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Blonde(almost white)
Group Young Justice
Location Mount Justice


Princess Samantha Kristen Harper was born in England. She is the Princess of England and she is related to Queen Elizabeth. Her power's first awakened when a girl named Kris "Mad Hatter" Aguilera had a tea party with all of the princess' across the world. Kris' power is telepathy. The unknown source of the reason how they got their power is unknown.

Samantha un-aware used her powers of Psychomatic Illusions on her parents. When it was discovered, her parents sent her to the Justice League immediately. She is now working with Young Justice.  


Psychomatic Illusions: Sam is capable of creating illusions that are so realistic and powerful that they can cause physical effects(cuts, bruises, burns, etc.) to appear on her target.

Sam has the strength of a twelve year old boy, which is her opposite appearance. She doesn't look strong but she is stronger than she looks. (Probaly because she drank alot of milk)


Sam is nice and polite. She has good mannerism and she can be bossy because, she's use to getting what she wants.

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