Matthew King
Anime hero by Edragon
Sun Falcon
Flying Flash
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Powers Fire, and Breath in Space
Other statistics
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Group Young Justice
Location California

Age: 12


Matthew was born with his powers. He learned how to use them as he got older and became more and more advanced with them. He became a super hero at 9 but at that time his super hero name was Flame-X. The X standing for Xtreme. The suite was like a ninja suite with fire designs. Then when he became 12 he discovered he can fly by blasting fire from his feet. He then changed his suite design since a ninja suite would look wrong with him flying. One day he wanted to go into space. He asked his parents and said he would use an Astronaut suite. As he was in space he saw a Green Lantern and a Red Lantern fighting but the Red Lantern was winning. He went and helped the Green Lantern. When the Red Lantern saw him try to attack he attacked back knocking his helmet off. Matthew discovered that he could breath in space. He then came up with a new super hero name. He came up with Sun Falcon. He could fly like a falcon and the cape formed like wings when he was in the air. He had things on his suite that looked like falcon flaws. He could also do a falcon kick. He got the name sun from him having fire power and since the sun was in space and he could breath in space.


Serious when it comes down to business but also has a sense of humor when it isn't business time. He is nice and caring. He is sensitive to somethings but is really tough.


Matthew is a 12 year old middle school kid. He has short straight wavy brown hair and brown eyes. He is skinny but has muscle. When off duty Matthew wears a green v-neck shirt with solid black jeans and some grean sneakers.


  • Hand to hand combat.
  • Fast reflexes
  • Endurance of Pain


Fire: Matthew can create fire and manipulate fire.

Through have fire as a power he is able to have a flying ability by blasting fire from his feet. He can do supersonic flying by blasting agressive fire from his feet.

Breath in Space: Matthew can breath in space without any helmet or any special equipment.

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