Madame Jaz Prophecy Predictor

(This Character Belongs to Great Expectations)

Madame Jaz -member of no group
-Prophecy Predictor

 – April 15, 2012

What you be needing, chere?


Jazmine Devagadoe was born on the summer solstice of 1993. Her mother was a travleing gypsy and her father was a circus performer. At the age of seven, after her parents divorced, she was supposed to live with her father but he died tragically in a trian accident. She was sent to live with her mother, who treated her like one of the items in her shop. Jazmine often played with her pet iquana, Chiko, and hung around in the swamps of Louisiana. At age nine, her powers came. At her school her eyes grew gold and she recited a prohecy of a hurricane that soon came months later. Her mother knew of her great gift and charged people to know what prophecies were coming up. Jazmine learned to control her powers and soon, even after her mother died, she used them for money. She took over her mothers shop at 16, changed her name to Madame Jaz, and is currently living in a big swamp in Louisiana where she runs her creepy creatures shop in the middle of no where. Villians and heroes alike come to her and give her large sums of money or services so they may know the prophecies of the war that has come.

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born 1993
Family Madama Sim (Mother; deceased) Foreu Jenkenis (Father; deceased)
Status Alive, 18
Eye Colour Dark Brown (Gold when predicting a prophecy
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Height 5'8
Affiliation Prophecies, Heroes and Villians, Her shop
Weapons Her powers
Home Madame Jaz's creepy creatures shop
Missions -



Due to a rough childhood, Madame Jaz takes pity on no one. She is only out for herself most of the time and merely wants her business to be successful in the swamps. She loves her pet Iguana and will do anything to protect it, for it's the only thing she truly cares about other than money. She is also very sly and sneaky, but isn't a villian nor hero.


Madame Jaz has very short, scraggly dark brown hair and dark brown eyes that turn gold when she has a prophecy. She often wears long gypsy-like dresses with tons of jewerly and lots of rings and bracklets.bracklets..


Powers: Forseeing Prophecies - Madame Jaz can recite prophecies whenever she wants and often charges people (villians and heroes alike) so they may know what is to come.

Minor degree of magic - She can say a few defensive spells and is currently learning but is sitll an amatur.


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