Lord Falcon
Lord Falcon
Join me and Maybe you'll live -Falcon
Leader of The League of Shadows
King of Falcons
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive,28
Powers Ability to Manipulate Falcons and Flying.
Other statistics
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Silver
Group The League of Shadows
Location A Castle somewhere
Lord Falcon

Lord Falcon -member of League of Shadows
-King of Falcons

 – 16:08, March 5, 2012 (UTC)

Join me


He was born in Greenland to Thomas and Miranda Greene.He was always bullied in school and then he became teh Bully.He was eventually put in Juvinile Detention.Overtime he became more he became a robber he started murdering people.Then he signed up for the League of Shadows.He was a good member in there little Organization and was for years.During his times there he discovered his powers and he used them against them.He eventually entered a compatition(As he was qualified by there leader) to try and become the Second in charge.He fought 15 other people in a free for all and won using Falcons to take them out and also slashing them with his Sword and shooting his gun.He was then placed second in command and now is a valuable member there.Eventually he challenged there leader and became the leader after winning.


He is Cold Hearted,Murderous,Evil.He is only friends to those that are in the League of Shadows.


He has full control of Falcons and will use them to attack his enemy's.He also can fly but to a limit.


  • He is the 4th most wanted criminal in the World
  • He has been to jail multipla times
  • His original Name was Justin Greene
  • He is very skilled with weapons

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