Kelsey Strauss

Persephone -member of the Ending Laugh
-the Toxic Beauty

 – 16:47, November 3, 2012 (UTC)

*blows toxic kiss* Hey, tiger!!!
Kelsey Strauss
Kelsey Strauss
Life is like a flower, if you never water it... it dies~ Kelsey Strauss, Persephone
the Toxic Beauty
Vital statistics
Gender Female, Plant Hyprid
Status Alive; Toxic; 16(now agless)
Powers Plant Control, Toxic Immunity, Persuasion, Toxic Release, Retarded Aging, Phermone Control
Other statistics
Eye Color Dark Green
Hair Color Brown
Group the Ending Laugh
Location Unknown Whereabouts


Kelsey was your average teen growing up. She loved everything, including nature. Boys, even before her transformation, flirted with her. She was the top student in all her classes, including science. But one day, there was a bad accident at a Plant Facility in a town near Gotham. Toxin went into the plants, and Kelsey was injected with it. At first she was sick, then she was better. Later, Poison Ivy attacked Gotham, when Kelsey was visiting her aunt. Poison Ivy, released toxins on Gotham and almost killed everyone in the city. Kelsey was exactly at the spot where there was alot of toxic plants. Poison Ivy gave the plants orders to kill anyone who entered the area. Kelsey and the plants were found of each other. She found out that she could control and communicate with plants. Kelsey then saw what Poison Ivy saw, the plants being destroyed. This angered Kelsey, and she started attacking Gotham. She even killed her own family.

Kelsey Strauss

Kelsey Strauss, Persephone, after her transformation

Poison Ivy saw Kelsey, improving her attacks. Creating more damage, and she offered Kelsey to join her to help her "babies", and Kelsey's "siblings". Kelsey joined Poison Ivy, calling her Pammie Ivy. Kelsey chose the codename Persephone, the Goddess of Springtime. She is now about to enter the Ending Laugh, saying every team needs a pretty toxic face.


Poison Ivy, and Kelsey have a strong realtionship with each other. Poison Ivy treats Kelsey like a daughter, and Kelsey treats Pamela like she's her mom/


  • Fighting
  • Photography
  • Botanist
  • Terrorism
  • Good Fashion Sense
  • Assasination


  • Plant Manipulation
  • Toxic Immunity
  • Persuasion
  • Toxic Release
  • Decelerated Aging
  • Phermone Manipulation


  • Unlike Poison Ivy, Kelsey does not have green skin but is still toxic
  • She does not eat plants, only meat
  • She is wanted for killing multiple men
  • She chose the name Persephone because she is the Goddess of Springtime
  • Kelsey was going to choose the codename Kalediscopic Lily
  • She was a cheerleader


  • Toxic Pomegrante Seeds
  • Cross Bow
  • Kelsey's Older Brother, Dylan aka Crush a fellow Villain
  • Kelsey's Living Room
  • Kelsey's Bedroom
  • Kelsey's Arch-Nemesis, Kodi Reed

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