Official Agent Title: Alaska

Name: Jonathan(John) Churchill

Age: 21

Partner: Atlantis

Affinity: Ice

Agent Rank: 24


Coming from British descent, John's family moved from the U.K. and to America sometime post-Cold War(Exact year unknown). In the year 2022, John was born in a Hosptial in New Jersey. In 2029 the Child's house was broken into by a well-known serial killer, who was legally acknowledged for having Anti-Personality Disorder and had intent on murdering the family. By the time Police arrived, The Killer was knocked unconcsious on the ground and the only survivor was Jonathan himself, who was assumed to have knocked the man out, no one could figure out how. We assume he was able to take the Killer down with his own fists, Information coming from the kid himself. Put into an Adoption Center, We took note of the Kid's strength and selected him to be apart of the first breed of Super-powered Agents working under the Justice League. We injected him with a mutation that altered his genetic code to give him the abilities to freeze the air and moisture around him, details behind the mutation are in the highest level of classified authority but they seem to have affected his eye color, changes to the mutation have been made to avoid this in the future. We trained the child to become the strongest warrior he possible could be, stronger than that of most Special Operations Forces today. Given the Agent name "Alaska" we put him into combat at the young age of 14. Today, Alaska is the Leader of the U.S. branch of Agents, he helps moniter the Young Justice group and is assigned to Classified Missions on a regular basis.

Comments: "John's Family is noted for their Military Record. His ancestor was a British Commando in WWII, one of the toughest. Those genes have seemed to pass to him. We couldn't afford to turn him down." - Director Olympus, Head of the Justice Agency