This is a list of how Justice Agents train to be in the Justice Agency.

Step 1:AcademyEdit

First they go to an Academy to learn the Basics by going to an Academy to learn the Basic Skills like:Fighting,Gun Handeling,and So on.After they learn that they take 2 test.One with paper and the other they show there skills and fight AI operated robots.

Step 2:Boot CampEdit

Boot Camp for them means that they go on a Highly Dangerous series of missions until Reaching Level 10. After that they spend three weeks in three locations with no given supplies. One week in the Sahara, another in the Amozon Rainforest, and one week in Los llanos. Then they take a few final test and recieve a Codename.

Step 3:Knife MakingEdit

There next step is to make there own justice Knife without any tools or Equipment.They simply are given a chunk of Metal and some wood and have to craft there knife.They are given 1 week to do so if they Fail they are kicked out of the Agency.

Step 4:GraduationEdit

They Graduate from there Training and are made Full Justice Agents.They receive a Diploma and Reward for Graduating.