♥♡Juliette Michaelson♡♥

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Juliette -member of Shadows of Protection
-Wild Child


Juliette Michaelson
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Wild Child
Rainbow whisperer
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive; 16
Powers Weapon forming
Other statistics
Eye Color Different colors
Hair Color Usually pink
Group Shadows of Protection
Location New york

Juliette was born a sort-of normal girl. On her way with a not-so-innocent school fieldtrip to a science lab, Juliette 'accidentaly' went away and decided to touch every button in a secret unguarded room. It seems dumb but it's who she was. Ever since her parents deaths, her constant harrassment from her adoptive father, and her other brothers drug addiction, she has been looking for a little happy in her life. To keep from completely breaking down, she decided to be happy and look on the brightside to everything in life. She became a positive vegetarian who doesn't look at the sorrow or sadness in life, only the joy. Anyway when she got electrocuted, she awoke and saw she had powers. Her powers became teleportation. She soon found herself on top of the tallest building in the world in Dubai. Fasinated with her new power, she fled home and lived on the streets, but all over the world of course! She practically raised herself and found her only family in an english pub called Skittles she found in Manchester. She took her pug with her everywhere she went! Finally she settled down in New York, her favorite city. She met and joined the Shadows of Protection and is currently a member, fighting crime with a smile.


Juliette prefers looking on the bright side of EVERYTHING. She loves puppies, tacos, and all things colorful and random. She lives life to the fullest. Juliette can be serious, but is rarely depressed and almost never cries. She loves rainbows and sparkly shiny things. Her favorite thing in the world is her english pug Skittles. 


Moriah and Jim Parents;Deceased Doesn't know them that much. Still loved them.
Tate Adoptive father Hates him. He beat her and abused her.
Sam Older brother Into drugs. Hasn't seen him in three years

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