Johanne James Sol
"I know all the secrets of every single one of the thirteen billion people on Earth. What, you thought there were only seven billion? Well, you'll be surprised, soon enough."

-Johanne James

Keeper of Earth's Knowledge
Master of Magick
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive, 17
Powers Magick, Cosmic Knowledge
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Group Young Justice
Location Mount Justice


Johanne was born Johanne James Alfred Beau almost seventeen years ago today in New Orleans, Louisiana. Both of his parents died from Swine Flue before Johanne passed the age of six. His parents were buisinessmen and taught him etiquitte and how to act proper. His godmother Laura was quite the opposite. For generations, Laura and her family had practicied a variety of forms of magick, specializing in voodoo. Discovering great potential in the boy, Laura began teaching him voodoo on his seventh birthday. Learning remarkably fast, he was writing his own necronomicons by the time he was nine. At twelve, Laura's old friend John Constantine, a powerful magician from London, came to give them a visit, working on the case of a Louisiana demon. Johanne was dismissed from the room, however he overheard them talk and discuss, and Laura's anger when she couldn't find John's demon in her books. However, young Johanne did know the demon, he had found a description maching John's in an old book he found outside of his public library. Unable to find John and tell him, Johanne decided to use Voodoo to track the demon down himself. Using a variety of spells, the boy tracked down and succesfully destroyed the demon, just as John arrived. Seeing his remarkable skill, John asked him where he learned of the demon. Showing John the book, John was amazed, to say the least. He explained that the book was written by a power much older than the Earth, and could not be found, as it would find you. Deciding to take him on as an apprentice, John trained him in fighting demons for three years in England. Becoming extremely skilled, Johanne began to discover new pages appearing in his book. Instructed to memorize each page as it appeared, Johanne became a genius in the realm of Magick. It was on his sixteenth birthday that he finally came into contact with the forces that wrote his book, whilst he began his invidual demon hunting in London. Though he did not and does not know who it is, it referrs to him as Sol and provides him with as much information as needed. When he later moved back to the US to join Young Justice, he adopted the last name of Sol. He is currently 17 and a member of Young Justice.


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