Jade Missem
Green Jade
You feel like facing double the lantern power? -Jade
Green Lantern
Violet Lantern
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Female,17
Powers Standard Green and Violet Lantern powers.Standard Martian Powers.
Other statistics
Eye Color Green(Left) Violet(Right)
Hair Color Green
Group Green Lanterns Violet Lanterns
Location Mars(Usually)

Jade -member of Green and Violet Lanterns
-Double Lantern

 – 20:01, February 24, 2013 (UTC)

Hey!I'm a Violet and a Green Lantern!


Jade was born on Mars and was raised in a regular Martian Life.When she turned 13 a Violet Ring fell where she was.She picked it up and became a Violet Lantern.She went on all sorts of Missions as a Violet Lantern and mastered her Powers quite well.She became friends and fell in love with a Green Lantern and she became his Wingman on missions.They both went on a Major mission together against a Major Galactic Criminal.It was a long tough fight but he died in the end.She picked up his Ring put it on her Left hand and then killed the Criminal.She got in trouble becasue they were suppose to take him alive but she got off easy for salvaging his Ring.Later she went back to Mars only to find the same Ring in her Backyard.She became a Violet and a Green Lantern and is an important member in the Organization.


She's very nice to everyone but her powers can drive her mad at times.She seems to have moved on from her former Love because now she is a Major flirt with most people around her Age.


  • Standard Martian Powers
  • Standard Violet Lantern Powers
  • Standard Green Lantern Powers


  • She's Bisexual
  • She is Ambidextrous
  • Her suit is a mix of Violet and Green Lantern Suits.


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