James Christopher Reed
Dark Angel
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive; 25
Powers Flight, Heat vision, Dark Magic
Other statistics
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Red/Black
Group No Group
Location Happy Harbor


James Christopher, or JC, Reed, was the oldest of his 4-kid, middle-class family. He always had to take care of his younger siblings. But one event changed his entire life. JC was coming home from a party when his car slid on black ice, rolled over in the ditch, and landed in a chemical-filled lake. JC came home with a few scars, but besides that he was OK.

Jc started having unbearable itches on his back. When he looked on his back, he discovered he was growing wings. He tried to hide it, but his parents finally found out. The night his parents found out, JC fled his house. He took one look at his house, and that was the last look of family he ever saw. He now lives in Happy Harbor, living as a homless man in disguise. He secretly fights crime and talks with his siter, Kodi Reed, often.


JC is very closed to other people, even his family. He doesn't let anyone in, and if he does, you're very lucky. JC usually wears a blac T-shirt and black jeans in disguise. He usually goes barefoot, to be "one with the ground" he says. But when he's out flying or fighting crime, he goes shirtless with his wings out wide and braces on his wrists.


  • Flight -- JC can use his large black wings to fly long distances.
  • Heat Vision -- JC can shoot high-powered energy beams out of his eyes.
  • Dark Magic -- JC can launch Dark Magic energy balls from his hands.
  • JC's sister, Kodi.

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