Wendy McKing's Taco Hut


Welcome to the World Famous Wendy McKing's Taco Hut, a large and well known chain resteraunt residing on Main Street, Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. The current WMTH, managed and founded by metahuman Pan Fyre is known for it's delicious tacos and ridiculously long name. The menu reads like this:
  • Reg Taco: Sm $2.00, Med $4.00, Lg $6.00, Taco Supreme! $9.00
  • Nacho: Sm $3.00, Lg $6.00
  • Soda: Sm $1.00, Med $2.50, Lg $4.00
  • The Taco Vulcan: $5.50
  • The McKing Taco: $6.00
  • The Pizza Burger Taco: $10.00
  • The Everything Taco: $12.99
  • Fries: Sm $1.00, Med $2.00, Lg 3.00 (for cheese add $.50)

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