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The swamp around her shop is filled with alligators and cobra snakes but they are all afraid of her. Her shop (where she also lives) is elevated one story in the air and there are crooked stairs where you walk up into it. She has a large open entrance with a big bead curtain. There are several windows that are very old and have heavy curtains shaded in. People must travel to her shop on boat, since she lives near a swamp river that is 20 feet deep.


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Inside the shop are various knick knacks that contains some magical or super-natural quality. She sells pets, so there are giant snakes and scorpions loosely roaming around. There are jars and lanterns hanging from the old wooden ceiling and tons of maps and prophecy scrolls from the 1800's. She has other knick knacks that include potions, various skulls, and scrolls.


Madame Jaz -member of no group
-Prophecy Predictor

 – April 15, 2012

Ah, my prices may be high, but no one can do what I do, chere!

Items for saleEdit

Prophecy reading - $780.00 each

Skull - $17.00 for two

Map of the 1800's - $50.00 each

Healing potion - $30.00 each

Hurting potion - $30.00 each

Poisonous potion - $70.00 each

People controlling potion - $300.00 each

Poisonous Rat - $75 each

Poisonous Tarantula - $100 each

Poisonous Scorpion - $150.00 for three

Poisonous cobra snake - $150.00 each

Poisonous alligator - $500.00 each