Room 116

Room 116 is the health room at the Happy Harbor High School. It is both the school's oldest and largest room, and is filled with a variety of desks and chairs, along with a large projector screen and cubicle at the front. Health is taught by Colonel Ms. Roxy Carter, a war veteran, who is somewhat strict and, due to that, somewhat disliked by her students. She has a low tolerance for horseplay and tomfoolery, which occur more in her class than in any other, especially during their sexual education unit. However, for those students who actually do study and pay attention, Colonel Carter is a very good and flexible instructor.

Message from the TeacherEdit


Roxy -member of Teachers
-Health Teacher at Happy Harbor High

 – -

As a continuation of our sexual education unit, we shall talk about the male reproductive organs, and the lacking of them that the giggling boys in the back all seem to have.