Happy Harbor High


Welcome to Happy Harbor High (also known as HHH), home of the fighting greyhounds. It was founded back in 2015 under the name Robin Junior High in honor of Robin and Young Justice who saved the town, along with it's neighbor city Gotham from a bombing attempt by the interstellar villain Darkseid. Later, it was renamed after Young Justice disbanded, becoming Happy Harbor High, the best public high school in the city. They are known for their state champion girls volleyball team and boys basketball team. The school colors are white and purple and their mascot is the Greyhound. This is also the place where various teenage superheroes and villains go to get educated, and thus, a constant battleground between the two. Despite this, it surprisingly acts as a somewhat normal high school.

Student Body (Year 2043-2044)Edit

Student StoreEdit

  • School Sweatshirts
  • Football Uniform
  • Hockey Uniform
  • Cheer Uniform
  • Volleyball Uniform