Arkham Asylum


Arkham Asylum,  formerly home to the most insane Gothamites during the early 21st Century has seen it's fair share of torture and suffering. However, nothing compares to that of Phobos Crane, once a happy and bubbly young boy who spent two years in captivity and torture at this place.  The source of his greatest fears, the boy, who had to an extent become fear himself, finds comfort only in this most unholy of places, which serves as the headquarters to his empire of insanity, the Legion of Fear. Some might call him obsessed, but anyone even willing to speak his name in public would sooner find themselfs bleeding out in a ditch than make any other claims. This is truly a vile place.

Yet, even a place as horrendous as this one has features, and to be quite frank, these primarily have to do with torture. It is hard to find a room without a few iron maidens and other ancient torture devices. The walls, solid concrete, are painted red with the blood of the Legion's enemies. Literally, they have painters use the blood instead of paint. There is a large main room at the top of the Asylum called "Crane's Palace" which also acts as a casino and strip club where the higher ups of the Legion go to have a good time.