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This Claim is made by, Kaptep525

Name: Solomon Merrit Warwick

Age: 17

History: Solomon was born on June 23, 16 years before this year, ( i don't know what year this is set is). He grew up in the streets of Proteus City, and spent most of his time In and out of Government Detention centers. When he was 14, he took the ink for the most powerful gang in that area, Tigres de la Muerte. Gangs in Proteus City are different than gangs in other cites. They are each like their own guerilla army, trying to take out the oppressive government. They do normal gangish things, but thats more of a side thing to like, rise funds, or get weapons. He loved to feel the rush of pulling off a good job, or running for the cops in the crowded streets, trying to find a spot that they wouldn't look, or mingling with a crowd so as not to be seen. He also loved to plan a job. He could think of all variables, and anticipate what to do if they happened. He can pick the perfect people for any job, and he can tell exactly what they need for it. When he was 15, they had heard about a new weapons factory in the city, with enough weps to keep the gang supplied for years. Not just normal weps either. Military grade stuff, stuff used by the army, and other, prototypes that wee to be given out later. He Solomon Was chosen to lead it mission, and to plan it. They needed to capture the factory. So he thought and planed for about a week, finaly he had it planned. He took 7 of his best men and they went in. they had the guards distracted and which allowed the second group, lead by his best friend, to get in. But that was a distraction as well. The guards were away and so then team three came in in their stolen helicopter and dropped into the main citadel. They grabbed all the weapons that they could and ran. One of them was Solomon's Claws. Later, They came back and laid Siege the factory until they concurred it. They then used the weapons to defeat the government and they Put the Tigres de la Muerte leader in charge. He sent Solomon to go join the YJ as he wanted the YJ to help keep peace in Proteus City.

Skills (For example, fighting, building, etc): He is extremely skilled with his claws, but can fight without them if needed. He is also very smart.

Powers (if any): Not super-human, but uncomon strength and intelligence.

Group you want to enter: Young Justice

Weapons/Equipment/Gear: He has two gloves with claws on them.

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