Canada's proud and holy flag of Maple-ness

Canada is a Nation just to the North of the United States. Considered to be on of America's greatest Allies during Wartime and with Political Issues. Although the two have had a history of tense relations, the two Countries share a proud and common heritage from the British. Some even consider the two "Sister Countries".


Visitation to Canada is easy, especially with the Justice League. Most borders are open and a passport isn't commonly needed. Although, if you absolutely must, you can get a Visa at the Canadian Embassy in D.C.

People currently visiting Canda:Edit

  1. Agent Alaska
  2. Agent Atlantis
  3. Denzel Richiott
  4. Alekk Daujence
  5. Brofsky Uktarf, Jr.
  6. Voltius Beldrac IV
  7. The Alchemist

Justice League connections in CanadaEdit

Some Superheroes can trace their heritage back to Canada, if not their actual nationality. Therefore, Canada keeps a pretty open mind towards metahumans and tend to keep their Military at bay when they're around.

Justice Agency Canadian BranchEdit

A branch of the Justice Agency is, in fact, from Canada. Any metahuman with Canadian heritage can apply to go in the Canadian Branch... Although, there are common exceptions. Such as with the case of Agent Northwest

Heroes from CanadaEdit

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