Emmit Jones
Oh My Guumy-bears! I am going to rob the Ice Cream shop down the street! Im a genius!
Child in a man's body
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Powers See powers
Other statistics
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Group None
Location The Ice Cream Store!!!


Well this is a tale of bad luck followed by bad luck. There was an evil scientist that wanted to get back to his prime physical stature. So he made a chemical that would make him young again. This turned him into a six year old. He then made it so he could be twenty. He ended up eighteen but with another problem. He was still evil, but the six year old mentality took over. So there you have it, a 72 year old that looks eighteen that acts 6.


Emmit is a six year old at heart but he is evil. Often robbing banks or ice cream shops he is a hassel to all. With his mentality he is a easy quitter but he thinks nothing can hurt him, tell something does. His "gaurdian" is "Mr. Tedds".
  • Go Mrs. PEZ
  • Mr. Tedds. BIB


Emmit looks like the regualur teenager now a days, with his long hair and baggy clothes.


Emmit's power is he can shapeshift.


He thinks nothing can hurt him.


A PEZ dispenser that shoots like a gun.

Relationships - Close Friends and FamilyEdit

None yet.