Emmalina Snow Daniels
I'm the strongest empath their ever is, and will be~ Em
the Beautiful Empath
the Double Spy
Vital statistics
Gender female
Status Alive; 16
Powers High Level Empathy
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Group Young Justice
Location Mt. Justice

Em the Empath -member of Young Justice
-the Beautiful Empath, Double Spy

 – 06:28, November 17, 2012 (UTC)

*looks at you and says your whole file* Hmm, I guess you're okay. I'm Em the Empath


Emmalina Snow Daniels, was trained to be a spy. When she was little, her father was a cat bugular and often stole priceless items. He was also, a spy. He was on the good side, but then switched to evil. He delivered knowledge to the Injustice League, and often spied for them. When Em was old enough, her father made her a spy. Scientist often conducted experiments on her, and her father didn't even care. The scientist made Em beautiful and deadly, they messed around with her brain and her physical appearance. When they were done, Em gained the power of Empathy. She used this power to make people trust her, and give her information. At the age of sixteen, Em quit being evil. I saw a light, Em claimed, It led me to the otherside. 'Her father, ofcourse, disapproved and sent spies to get her. But, Em killed them all. Young Justice took her in, and she became a sidekick of Batman's.


Em was two faced. Due to being a spy. She is now full of pride, she is can sometimes be fun but on serious occasion, she's no fun and games.

Two PicsEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Empathy: Em has the ability to feel other emotions. She is also granted other powers such as:

  • Empathic Mimicy: Em temporaliy copies another person's power by using emotions.
    • Ice Manipulation
    • Shapeshifting
    • Enhanced Senses
    • Diamond Manipulation
    • Diamond Form
    • Flight
  • Telempathy: Em can communicate with others through emotions.
    • Empathic Illusions
    • Empathic Camouflage
    • Enter Consciousness
    • Tele-Empathic Manipulation
    • Empathic Link
    • Mind Control
    • Heal Trauma
    • Induce Pain
    • Negate/Inspire Emotion
    • Mental Detection
    • Psionic Blast
    • Psychic Liberation
  • Clairempathy: Em can sense and feel emotions from far away.
  • Empathic Healing: Em can heal people physically, by feeling their pain.
  • Pheromone Manipulation: through emotions, Em can control and manipulate the pheromone's of herself or others.