Dylan Cooper
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive; 18
Powers Fire Element, Super Speed, Hand-To-Hand Combat
Other statistics
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Blonde
Group Shadows of Protection
Location Unknown


Dylan -member of Shadows of Protection

 – December 28, 2012



Dylan Scott Cooper grew up always watching his little sister, Adele-Joy . They fought often, though Dylan always loved her and protected her from everything. But when Dylan was only 15, and AJ 12, their parents died in a freak fire accident. Dylan was devastated, and worse he was starting to become hot-tempered towards AJ. One day he had had enough, and shot a blast of fire in AJ's direction. But AJ, unknowingly, blocked his hit with a blast of water. They were both shocked, and Dylan broke down crying. AJ came over and comforted him, and ever since it's been the same way. But Dylan became more responsible and protected AJ. They were kicked out of their house, forced to live on the street. Dylan forced AJ to go to school, since he didn't get a full education, having to drop out because of what happened. But once AJ's powers formed, Dylan took her out of school, and the Shadows of Protection found them. They gave them the chance to come to New York and live in safety.


It's been said that Dylan is a very good listener, and he can be sometimes. But occasionally he will losehis temper, and flare up, his hands in flames and his eyes bright red. Dylan is very protective of AJ, and when someone or something prys between them, Dylan either gets rid of it, or digs into it's file.


Dylan has short brown hair, red eyes and is very tall; he towers over AJ. Usually, he wears a leather jacket with worn out blue jeans and gloves that expose only his fingers. He wears his father's old work boots, worn out old brown boots with black laces. When he is harnessing his powers, his eyes turn bright red, and his hands turn into fire.


  • Flame Element - Dylan has the power to harness Fire and channel it wherever he wants. This takes huge amounts of energy, and cannot be used for long.
  • Super Speed - Dylan has the ability to run at high velocities, and speed his way around fires, estinguishing them.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat - Dylan is a black belt karate master. He learned it when he was still in school; it was his favorite hobby.