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~ Dana ~
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beach angel

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Dana -member of none
-Rebel Angel

 – July 25th 2013

*sticks her tongue out*

~ Dana ~
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"The prophecy will be fulfilled"
The rebel angel
Prophecy forteller
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive, 19
Powers Flight (common)

Invisibility (uncommon) Intelligence (common) Prophecy fortelling (very rare)

Other statistics
Eye Color Crystal Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Group the gods (formerly) on her own
Location in an abandoned water tower in happy harbor


Dana was born a rebel. Her parents, along with most of the city, were loyal to serving the people bellow. An angels main job is to bless humans and be there when they have lost someone. Dana felt her life should be more than that. Each angel in her city was born with a power. Most get the ability to grant wishes or have control over the weather but Dana got invisibility. She thought that was super lame and so she was picked on throughout her school. Her parents assured her when she was older she will fall under the line of working for a large corporate company that blessed people on earth and other planets. She ran away from home at age 11 and traveled to a land where magical creatures, such as mermaids nymphs and dragons existed. She met a shadow hunter, and soon became good friends with her. Strangely, she began to see visions. They grew more realistic and soon she saw people she knew in danger. When she went back to the angel city she saw some of her friends in trouble and saved them. Her mysterious ability grew. When the gods and elder council members visited their city for meetings and important matters, she grew terrible headaches. One headache was so bad she flew right into the open window of the meeting room! Right before everyones eyes she recited the prophecy to come. This extremely rare ability became known to the gods and everyone. Dana hated the attention. Instead of recieving a job as the gods personal prohecy forteller, she fleed to earth, a place she only read about and saw. The first thing she did was hide her wings with invisibility so she could blend in. She went into the ocean, a place she only dreamed about. While enjoying her new free life, she stumbled across a place with a mysterious race of people called super heroes. The place just happen to be happy harbor, where she now resides. She moved into an abandoned water tower and found a straw puppy and named it Hershey. 

Personality Edit

Dana is headstrong and doesn't miss an opportunity to be wild. She loves to party and rebel. She hates responsibility but at the same time won't mind taking care of her prized possession, her puppy. She loves the beach and tanning and music. She doesn't prefer telling prophecies or taking leadership positions. 


Dana is 5'8 and has bleach blonde hair and blue eyes. She has large white wings but prefers hiding them with invisibility. She wears normal beach clothing and flip flops. She hates dressing up and usually has an arizona tea bottle in her hand. She's very casual and laid back, like a surfer chick. 

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