Collin McKinley
It's too hot out! - Collin
Sidekick to Agent Alaska
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive, 16
Powers Ice control at Major Levels
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Group Justice League
Location A respectable distance behind Alaska


Collin was born in a small town in Washinton to Catie and Matt Miller. His father used to be a crime lord, however he had a change of heart and started to turn in his old collegues to the Justice Agency. He did several favors for many agents but his biggest was when he let Agent Alaska use him for sting operations and as bait. Once word got out Matt was turning in crime bosses, he was targeted. Matt and Catie both were killed when Collin was 14 however Collin lived because he froze the attacker with his new found powers. When Agent Alaska heard, he decided to take Collin under his wing to repay his father and secure a sure to be powerhouse as a sidekick.


Over the past two years Collin has gained a lot of personality traits from Alaska, as well as some he needs to survive. He is constantly acting bloodthirsty, even though he is usually nice. He is constantly doing workouts with insane reps, but this is to counter-act his intense slacking when he is bored. His mind can't stay concentrated on one thing, unless it's fighting or working out. He's also been known for shamelessly flirt with anything remotely female and pretty.


Ice Manipulation.He can do anything with Ice. His ability's are so untrained that when activated he can freeze an entire room without realizing it. 

  • Ice Constructs - His favorite construct is a clone of himself that freezes whatever it's touching when its "killed".




  • He constantly has his own version of a Justice Knife in his back pocket.
  • When his powers are active just walking can cause the entire room to freeze