Betis -member of Apprentice

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Oh hello.
Betis Forthing
Just so you know,I am half snake. -Betis
Subject 10
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive,20
Powers Venom Injection,Enhanced Flexibility,Scaled Skin.
Other statistics
Eye Color Toxic Purple
Hair Color Blonde
Group Team with Lennox
Location Wherever Whenever


Betis lived a strange life.Both of his Parents were Mad Scientist who experimented with Animal/Human DNA crossing.Betis hated his parents they spent too much time with their studies than him.When he turned 14 they finally fiqured out how to cross DNA correctly and they both looked at Betis and his Pet Snake for their Experiment.They crossed his DNA with his Snake and the second he got out,he killed them.He ran in the streets learning new abilities within him.He grew Skin colored Scales and Venom sacks formed in his fingers.He got slits in his eyes and his eyes went Toxic Purple instead of Brown and he became extremely flexible with great reflexes..He later joined the Fox Gang when he turned 15 while looking for somewhere to go with the Alias of Mamba.Later he decided to leave the Fox Gang and join Lennox Chase as his apprentice.


He is a layed back and slightly lazy guy usually but carries a bit of Viciousness in him from his Snake DNA.He has the sense of protection and fighting.He is also somewhat a flirt and is a reliable partner and friend.


  • If he is able to touch your blood then you get instantly poisoned
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • His Skin is scaled which gives him a defensive bonus
  • He can shed his Skin once a day if he takes too much damage.
  • Doesn't take Shock damage and Fire and Ice powers are decreased when hitting him due to his Cold blood.
  • He can do something called a "Snake Rage" where he uses most of his Snake insticts to help him fight.


  • He has pair of fangs on his Upper Jaw
  • He is a Self-Trained Martial Artist(He gave himself a Blackbelt)
  • He occasionally gets a strange taste for Rodents.