Archived: Caleb Dolouth
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The Clone
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive; 16 (biological) 6
Powers Flight, Fireballs, small amounts of magic
Other statistics
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Black
Group Shadows of Protection
Location Unknown

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Caleb -member of Shadows of Protection
-The Clone

 – December 27, 2012

*jumps down from cieling* Hey.


Caleb Dolouth, his name later given, was cloned at Cadmus on December 21, 2028. He was made with the abilty to fly, wings genetically grown onto his back. One night, Caleb was sleeping in his cloning tube when a loud noise awoke him. It was the sound of another clone breaking out of his tube. The clone came over to Caleb, broke him out, and told him, "If you want to live, come with me." So that is just what he did. But after years of going from city-to-city, Caleb had had enough, and went out on his own, finally finding his home at Happy Harbor. He blends in, and fights crime whenever is necessary. He eventually found Alexander Nightstar. The two were instantanious friends. They were fueled by each other, and fought side-by-side for two years. Soon after, Alex went to join Young Justice, and Caleb was left on his own, now thinking he was the sole protector of Happy Harbor.


Being a loner, Caleb has a very self-centered attitude, though he's not like villains who think only about themselves. He thinks of the welfare of others, and does anything he can do to help others. He's not very social, though he does have a respectful attitude, and isn't a jerk or tries to hit on girls. He thinks everyone is the same, even heroes. He believes that everybody should help others, though he has never yet seen it come true. Even though he is only 6 years old biologically, he is very mature, he looks like a 16 year old, doesn't age that quickly, and even acts above the age he looks. A few years ago, Caleb found out he had a very good voice, and learned how to play the guitar. He now carries a guitar, and a notepad wherever he goes, creating songs whenever they pop into his intelligent mind.


  • Flight - Caleb can fly with the power of his wings, which propel him thirty feet into the air with one flap. The wings are sixteen feet across, total, and they are concealed behind his shirt. The only set back is that his shirt gets torn off when his wings come out.
  • High Intelligence - Caleb had a very advanced mind, and has an IQ of over 190. When he was cloned, the cloners wanted Caleb to be highly intelligent, and they succeeded, giving him the mind equal to that of a


  • Fireballs - Caleb has limited magic, and can throw Fireballs, which are energized in his hand.
  • Mind Control - Caleb can minorly go into people's mind and even control him with his limited magic.
  • Translation - Caleb can translate languages, and can use his magic to speak all Earthly languages, and even some intergallactic languages.