Alex Richiott
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"So this is what the past was like."


Son of Denzel and Nekoda
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive, 9
Powers Telepathy, High Intelligence
Other statistics
Eye Color Turquoise
Hair Color Blue
Group None
Location The Richiott House


Alexander Matthew Richiott was born in 2045 to Denzel and Nekoda Richiott in New York City. He lived in a foster home until he was nine with his sister, and became and extremely kind and intelligent person. On his ninth birthday they traveled back in time to live with their biological parents. Alex has telepathic powers and an extremely high intelligence for his age.


Alex is very kind and has an extremely large and complex vocabulary. He admires Agent Atlantis was of talking, and is nice to most people, however he has an extremely tight moral sense.


Alex has turquoise eyes and light blue hair. He is around four and a half feet tall and is often described as a "cute little kid".