Agent Hawaii
I'm Alaska's Wing man -Hawaii
Agent of the Justice League
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive,17
Powers Fire Control
Other statistics
Eye Color One Green One Brown (Heterochromia)
Hair Color Blonde
Group Justice League
Location Probably with Agent Alaska orn on a mission of his own

Hawaii -member of Justice League
-Justice League Agent

 – 01:11, March 6, 2012 (UTC)

Hey what's up?


As he is an Agent for the Justice league his true name and history are unknown but it is known that he was Born in Hawaii and his Parents names are Justin and Mariam.Though other facts are known such as: He and Agent Alaska knew each other before joining the League.He also Joined a year after Agent Alaska


Very mysterious but usually friendly when it comes to others.


He has Pyrokinesis (Fire Control) and has a pretty good skill level with it.He can at full level contro Lava too but this is something he hasnt mastered yet.He can do the opposite of what Alaska can do and Heat up a room when activating his powers.




  • Has a Rare Eye Condition known as iridum Heterochromia iridum
  • His weapons are a Hidden Blade,a Pistol,and Bow and Arrow
  • His gear is based off of Assassins Creed mixed with The Legend of Zelda