Archie Nemises
I am Infinity.Your Arch Nemesis -Archie
Member of Young Justice
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive,18
Powers Time Control
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Group Young Justice
Location Mount Justice

Archie -member of Young Justice

 – 02:34, March 8, 2012 (UTC)

Hey I just got into Young Justice


Was born with his Mother and Father both Scientist studying on Time Travel.They named there son Archie Nemesis as a joke cause there last name was Nemesis.When he turned 13 they grew desperate enough to try the Ability on a human.There son always liking history wanted to test it.He was zapped and Given the ability of Minor Time Control.Then he posed a threat.The heads of the project said that his parents had to kill there son and stop Lawsuits from coming in.They didnt want to and hid him away for a few years.They pretended like he was dead during that time and kept him hidden til he was 15.Then he was turned over to the Justice League for Protection.He was then on his 16th Birthday put in the Young Justice League.


Well since he is new to the Young Justice he is kinda Shy right now but usually he is pretty brave






He can Control Time at a Minor Level.He can make someone go in a small Time Loop for awhile and Pause time for 5 minute.He can Time Travel for a little bit.Up to 2 year at the most but always ends up coming back After about an hour.He doesnt have full control of his powers but he expects to eventually.