Andrew Swenson
Finally, freedom. - Andrew
Son of Slavery
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Powers See Powers
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Group None Yet
Location Kansas


When Andrew was born his mother was in debt so she sold him to pay off his debt. After a series of sales he ended up in the League of Shadows hands. He was being trained to be a body gaurd and was forced to clean also. Because of people constantly making sure everything was perfect he devoloped OCD. When he was 7 he was taught general education. When he was ten the important stuff started. He was taught politics, tactics, theory, persuation, intimidation, and other lessons. He was also introduced to their merciless combat style and weapon smithing. His OCD effected all of these things but mostly his weapon smithing. Many members of the League would have him repair their weapons because they would be almost better than when they got them. His first mission was to act like a orphan that a movie star was taking to a ball for charity. After he saw the way that all of the other children were treated he swore he would escape from the League of Shadows. He built up over 50 plans and backup plans to get out. When he was 15 he made his move.

He got just over a mile away when the alarm sounded. He used all of his lessons to get away and even then he barly made it. He sustained multiple injuries but then his powers kicked in. His wounds started to rapidly heal and he got more muscles in his legs so he could run faster. He adapted and got away. He is currently wondering around in Kansas.


Ever since he escaped the League of Shadows Andrew is a very defiant person. He never wants to be under someone elses rule. He react violently because of his training and because he is being hunted. He is normally kind to random people but if his danger sense goes off he fights like a cornered animal. 


  • Temporary Adaptation
    • When he adapts it leaves right after he doesn't need it but it lays in wait for an hour before dissappearing.


If he has to adapt more than 20 times in a hour he can't adapt anymore.


A black knife made out of silver. It is 12 iches overall with 7 inch blade and 5 inch handle

Grappeling hooks

Black book bag