Agent Sydney
I bend the rules of probability!!!~Agent Sydney
the Luckiest Agent
the Dark Archer
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive; 17
Powers Umbrakinesis(Darkness Control)
Other statistics
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Group the Justice Agency
Location Sydney, Australia

Agent Sydney -member of the Justice Agency
-the Dark Archer

 – Any

*pulls out crossbow* Time to hunt!!!


This is highly classified information.


This is classified as well.


Accelerated Probability: The power to see what choice one should make when confronted with a situation, to predict the outcomes of certain situations, and then to accelerate oneself along that path of causality immediately.

Example: Agent Sydney sees fifteen possible ways, that she can hit her target with a broken spork with the same impact as if she just threw it at it. She throws it down on the floor it bounces up, hits the wall, bounces on the floor again, hits a trash can behind the target and finally hits the target.


None yet