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Word Bubbles


Batman -member of Justice League
-Mission Assignment

 – {{{2}}}

To assign missions to both Young Justice and Justice League.


Nightwing -member of Justice League
-Mission Assignment

 – {{{2}}}

To assign missions when Batman is busy, adding to the reality.


Olympus -member of Justice Agency
-Justice League Leader

 – {{{2}}}

To assing missions to Justice Agency Members.


Phobos -member of Legion of Fear
-Leader of the Legion of Fear

 – {{{2}}}

To give assignments to the mentally insa- I mean, the Legion of Fear.


King -member of League of Shadows
-Leader of the Shadows

 – {{{2}}}

To rule over the World ... Eventually, but the League of Shadows for now.

Important Lists

  • Used Characters - Characters that are Son/Daughter/Protege of Non-User created superheroes or villians