AJ Cooper
Hi, I'm AJ Cooper, and I can control the weather*thunder roars*~ Adele Joy Cooper
Sister Nature
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive; 15
Powers Weather Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Force Blasts
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Group Shadows of Protection
Location with her brother

Gaea -member of Shadows of Protection
-Sister Nature

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*smiles* Hai, I'm AJ



AJ with her glasses

Adele-Joy Cassandra Cooper, was born in Malibu, California. Her childhood was harsh, every day she would get harrased from boys older then her. They would always flirt with her, follow her around at school, and try to kiss her.

One day, a boy finally did kiss AJ but AJ's powers came in and she electrocuted him. Everybody saw lightning  had struck him. Everyday AJ practiced her with her powers and she got stronger. At the age of thirteen she became known as Gaea. And she fought crime along with her brother Dylan Cooper, Phoenix. 

For more info read her brother, Dylan's history.



Eventually they both ended up at Shadows of Protection.


Atmokinesis: AJ is psychically linked to the weather patterns of Earth, allowing her to command meteorological energy patterns to raise or lower temperature levels, direct air currentsl as hurricane-force winds, a pressure dome that can deflect attacks, or to maneuver herself through the sky, excite electron particles to call down lightning bolts, or fire electrical blasts from her fingertips, and summon clouds as fog cover or in order to bring forth precipitation such as rain, snow, sleet, and hail, alter her body temperature to compensate for weather conditions.


Force Blasts: are concussive force waves that AJ can send at her victim. When hit, the victim is flung back with a massive force. This can cause serious injuries or even death. The power can be channeledthrough both the mouth and hands.

Geokinesis: The ability to manipulate earth, rock and soil. AJ has been shown to maniputlate rocks and the shapes of the rocks. She also displayed control over mud and plants.


AJ is described as an open book. She doensn't have any secrets, but she keeps her friends. She flirts alot and is fun and spontaneous.

She gets along great with people, and she's always there if anybody needs a hand. She is also described to be childish.

Physical AppearanceEdit

AJ is a pretty teen girl. She's about 5'8 and weighs 117lbs. She has blonde and dazzling blue eyes. Her hair goes bellow her shoulders to the middle of her back.  

When using her powers her eyes change color: blue to grey, grey to hazel, hazel to green, green to brown, brown
Scott Pilgrim vs

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Black Sheep - FULL music video

AJ singing her song Love on a Wire(not really her song I do not own this song)

to black.


  • AJ is a beautiful singer
  • AJ can play the guitar
  • AJ can play the drums
  • AJ can play the piano
  • AJ can play the flute
  • AJ can play almost ever instrument
  • AJ won Prom Queen
  • AJ's powers are Emotion Based